Tuesday, January 26, 2016

The Presets // I Go Hard I Go Home

With a simple set and palpable borderlessness between audience and performer oddly reminiscent of the 90's, this early Presets show in Sydney Australia induced a dance party worthy of watercooler domination - that is, supposing these kids actually have office day jobs.  The energy is so powerfully hyped up and magnetic, it barely matters that the words are inaudible, and in fact, this is one of the most interesting live vocal treatments encountered across my music junkie scavenging.  It's all I can do to hold back the impulse to jump straight through my screen into the video to actually be there, immersed in the undeniable magic of this moment.  Lucky bastards.

As enthused and dynamic as this set is, not all the songs by Presets duo Julian Hamilton (vocals, keys) and Kim Motes (drums, keys) shoot sparks. Across the course of their elevated recognition, the music appears to have (de)evolved at times, waning and morphing in more generic directions, however there are gems scattered throughout. For further listening I'd recommend The Girl and the Sea.

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