Saturday, July 11, 2015

Murlo // Magnetic Motions

deep underground in the Uk electronic scene lurks Murlo.  superseding this artist's simplistic sounds, are his trippy videos, such as the one for Into Mist, which tunes it's visuals on vacant digital worlds  following a liquid representation of movement and life as it searches somberly among static grecian statues for a suitable form to animate.  the top slice from Into Mist, entering at the 2:44 timecode mark, an amorphous magnetic dance of red pills on what i imagine to be globular braincells - replete in peculiarity with grotesque cherry laquered birdman heads as onlooking masters of ceremony-  can be enjoyed on loop in the vid for Roman Baths.

Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Galat // Russian Rhapsody

crushing on Galat right now.  #rapid.flow

Sunday, July 5, 2015

Japan's Rockabilly Dance Clubs

Even before the Internet was born, rock music was making its way overseas and dominating the charts–and Japan was no exception. The Western Carnival, which also featured country western music, was a revelation for the youth of Japan. The carnival, which roughly followed rockabilly’s original rise and fall, lasted for nearly 20 years, with its first show in 1958 and its final 56th show in 1977.

Just as it would be hard to imagine the genesis of hip-hop without breakdancing, it’s impossible to ignore the surprisingly acrobatic and enthusiastic dancing that has evolved in the Japanese rockabilly scene".  Equal parts impressive and silly, you could almost mistake it for a rock and roll take on capoeira.

All text lifted from "A brief history of Japanese Rockabilly" ->  Full article