Thursday, December 11, 2014

Daddy // James Franco's Art School Music Project

Nonsense is to fawn over celebrities for sake of fame.  Franco encapsulates a duality capable of capturing the sensibility of the hoi polloi, while undercutting it in quieter strokes with a corner-toungued sly smile and crossed eyeballs.  Daddy's a strikingly creative project that pushes the bounds of mash-up culture across history and media because it's songs based on aged poems based on even older songs with a painting customized to represent each track released alongside one another.  Bravo, Franco.  He's also got a project called Dutty Artz, with DJ Rupture & Kalup Linzy, an oddball spoken-word drag music artist who somehow infiltrated high fashion a couple years back.  Solid weirdness; the language that tickles my amygdala (and no, that's not below the belt). My respect grows on..

Pyroboard: Pyrotechnic 3D Sound Visualizer by Fysikshow

Fysikshow, Denmark's favorite physics education team, has taken the Rubin's tube, flammable gas piped through a line of holes to create a line of flames, and adapted it to a 2D plane.  Their invention, enticingly named The Pyroboard, emits a dance of fire synced to low base music- a VJ's hotdream.  It is outfitted with 2500 holes which light up when the audio pumped through the air hits a standing wave, which introduces a vibration into the air such that the flowrate of the gas peaks the height of the flames at points where the pressure is constant, called nodes.  The effect (best demonstrated at the 3:38 mark) is mesmerizing.

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