Thursday, December 11, 2014

Daddy // James Franco's Art School Music Project

Nonsense is to fawn over celebrities for sake of fame.  Franco encapsulates a duality capable of capturing the sensibility of the hoi polloi, while undercutting it in quieter strokes with a corner-toungued sly smile and crossed eyeballs.  Daddy's a strikingly creative project that pushes the bounds of mash-up culture across history and media because it's songs based on aged poems based on even older songs with a painting customized to represent each track released alongside one another.  Bravo, Franco.  He's also got a project called Dutty Artz, with DJ Rupture & Kalup Linzy, an oddball spoken-word drag music artist who somehow infiltrated high fashion a couple years back.  Solid weirdness; the language that tickles my amygdala (and no, that's not below the belt). My respect grows on..

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