Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Charles Ramsey: Not a "Hero," Just a Decent Human

We have a lot to learn from Charles Ramsey, a Cleveland-based dishwasher who used to lose sleep only over financial difficulties.  Now he lays awake occupied by how his chummy neighbor hid the fact that he was holding girls captive in his basement for years, impregnating them and punching them in the stomach until they aborted.

Ramsey is evidence that we all have the capacity to take a stand for what's right in the face of fear.
In response to Anderson Cooper asking if he considers himself a hero, Ramsey delivered a resounding no, stating, "Not this hero stuff, you do the right thing [...] I'm just like you.  We bleed the same blood.  Put the pants on the same way.  It's just that you gotta put that being a coward away for a minute.  And you gotta have some cahoonas, bro.  That's what its all about - it's about cahoonas on this planet."
Ramsey refuses to accept any money, asking that all rewards be given to the kidnap victims and their families.

Right on, bro.  
Imagine if this attitude of humble gumption caught like wildfire through Ramsey's example.  
What a world we'd live in..

Ramsey's video interviews are captivating, especially these two which I highly suggest you watch in subsequent order.  Gotta love the remix.

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