Thursday, October 14, 2010


I think it's pretty interesting that even though digital is the wave of the future, a lot of promising projects adapt "old school" ideas. Take for example Disney's interactive animated storybooks, where the reader/viewer chooses how the narrative evolves- I used to have old books that let you pick the direction for the next chapter (flip ahead to "x" page if you want this to happen).

People are intrigued by uncharted territories, (ie. future/technologies) but it can also feel intimidating, so easing people in by fusing with the familiar gives it a wider appeal. I think Firstborn is picking up on this by selecting the recognizable tv intro format for their reel and by showing how a lot of their digital concepts grew from organic experiences (ie. the digital filing cabinets were designed to match their everyday use of the office cabinets, the eye protector mask from working on cars in the garage made it into the Orbitz gum commercial, circular objects in the office like coffee cups led to that edgy looking circular interactive website interface... etc).

Instead of just showing slick clips of work, Firstborn is recognizing that the emotional component is key to connecting successfully with an audience. Like in film, the cinematography can be beautiful, but if there's no story that resonates, who's going to sit and watch for 2 hours?

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