Sunday, September 6, 2009

Artist Spotlight: Audio Bullys

Saw these guys live in London. Incredible, energetic show with a relaxed vibe. Hooked, I started listening to their songs and connected with the street smart storytelling, catchy beats, and originality reflected down to the unique makeup of the crew: a d.j. with an ear for creative samples, rock drummer, and unfeigned badass who can't help owning the mic. (for insight into his attitude listen to the track 'Keep on Moving').

The Audio Bullys are unique mix of brutal honesty and punked out taunting. Their message resonates: Things are out of your control, but it's ok, you'll get where you're going.... don't fuck over your friends and remember to thank your influences.
My message to them: Keep keeping it real. Keep hypnotizing me. Come to the states!

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